The Bay Area PanEuRhythmy Circles invite you to participate in our annual retreat,

                            May 27-30, 2005, at Sequoia Seminar, Ben Lomond, California.

Our Retreat Weekend will have a threefold focus:

INSPIRATION: The teachings and spiritual practices of Peter Deunov with Maria Mitovska.

MUSIC: The Songs of the Fellowship/Brotherhood of Light with Phyllis Thorpe.

MOVEMENT: Morning Exercises, PanEuRhythmy, Sunbeams and Pentagram with Phyllis & Ardella.

 The Sacred PanEuRhythmy Dances of Peter Deunov give us a joyful spiritual practice and a personal experience of unity. The first
28 movements awaken us to our own potential and help us to develop and harmonize heart, mind, soul and spirit.
The SUNBEAMS, with its beautiful hymn to Mother Earth, coaxes our budding spirit to blossom. 

The PENTAGRAM symbolizes the evolution of the human soul toward Divine perfection. As we dance, we embody the Pentagram of Love,

Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Goodness.


Maria Maria Mitovska is honored by those who know her as a great beacon of light and love. Dr. Maria Mitovska, PhD in 
 bioenergetics, for many years taught biochemistry at the Medical University in Sofia. A follower of  the Master Peter Deunov 
 since she was a teenager, she has devoted herself to service and to studying the PanEuRhythmy with the disciples entrusted 
 with the teachings.

 Maria was among the few devoted followers who kept the teachings alive during the challenging Communist years in Bulgaria. 
 Along with Joro Petkov, she welcomed and hosted foreigners in the secret Rila Mountain camps for decades. Maria has devoted 
 herself to the way of service and the mission of “protecting the Teaching”, as given to her by the early disciples. She has 
 devoted herself to publishing the essence of the Master's teaching in English, thus making this great work available to us in 
the West. She has presented PanEuRhythmy in the U.S., England, France, Holland, Switzerland,  New Zealand, and at the
 Peace Conference in Costa Rica in 1989, where her moving presentation was acknowledged  by many people.
Phyllis Thorpe first experienced the PanEuRhythmy in 1994 on the shores of Lake Michigan under the guidance of Ardella Nathanael. She was a teacher of Speech Communication and Drama, with B.A. and M.S. degrees in Oral Interpretation of Literature (Performance Studies). Having studied the works of Aivanhov and practiced  meditation with the angels, she now devoted herself to PanEuRhythmy and Peter Deunov's teachings. In 1996 she went to Bulgaria, and was greatly inspired by the culture of the Brotherhood of Light. Blessed by Ardella to teach, she was honored to go in her stead to Australia in 1998.

She has been to Bulgaria eight times, where she has also been blessed to teach the PanEuRhythmy by Maria and Joro. 
There, in the Rila Mountains, she studied the Songs of the Master with Antoaneta Pauleva. She is grateful to be able to share
 the PanEuRhythmy  within the English-speaking world. It is a great blessing in her life to work with Maria in translating the SACRED WORDS 
and other works  of the Master "in a good way”.

 Ardella Nathanael


Ardella Nathanael began studying the PanEuRhythmy in 1983 when she joined secret gatherings in the sacred Rila mountains of Bulgaria behind the Iron Curtain. Since 1988 she has introduced the work of Peter Deunov to thousands of people around the world, teaching PanEuRhythmy as a contribution to world peace and harmony. She is the author of the PanEuRhythmy guide, “Dance of the Soul,” and “The Butterfly Dance” for children.






We will be housed in A-frame cabins on a beautifully forested hillside near a waterfall. We will meet in Waterfall Lodge and dance and enjoy 
open-air classes in the green meadow encircled by magnificent Redwood, Oak and Madrone forest. Each morning we will celebrate the sunrise
 with morning exercises and meditation. We will spend our days dancing, singing, sharing, and deepening our understanding of these teachings.


We will have three days and nights over the Memorial Day weekend. Registration begins at 3:00p.m. on Friday, May 27th.

The retreat officially opens at 6:00p.m. with dinner at Waterfall Lodge. It closes at 2:00p.m. on Monday, May 30, after lunch.

If you would like to arrive earlier, this can be arranged by calling Ardella.




Questions: Please contact:

Ardella Nathanael, (415) 499-8027,

Bob Segbarth,


The Bay Area Paneurhythmy Circles usually meet weekly. Come join us!

Marin (415) 499-8027 (Ardella)

Berkeley (510) 234-2971(Joyce) or (510) 527-2350 (Dorothy)

Danville (925) 820-7542(Jan)

Palo Alto (650) 326-6394 (Elizabeth) or (650) 269-7930 (Bob)


We gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of

The Foundation for Global Community,

222 High Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301

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