Inspiring Bulgarian Musicians on Tour

Ina, Bojidar, and Yoana "All beings represent the great cosmic orchestra. When harmony exists among them, the great Conductor will perform the music of the Life of the supreme Intelligence through this orchestra and will manifest His own Greatness, the beauty of His Thought and His great Love." Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov)

The Svetlina Ensemble: Ina Doynova, Bojidar Simov, and Yoana Strateva

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Those who have journeyed to the lovely and ancient Rila Mountains of Bulgaria have enjoyed many a splendid summer afternoon, gazing into the clear lakes and being transported by the lilting and uplifting sounds of music and song. Now, three talented and inspired musicians who have captured this beauty in their performance, are coming to share this wonderful music in the United States.

Yoana Strateva, professor of violin and chamber music at the New Bulgarian University of Sofia, possesses a repertoire that ranges from the entire spectrum of classics for solo violin, to the haunting and pleasurable melodies of Eastern European strains, to the divinely inspiring sacred music composed by the Bulgarian musician and spiritual teacher Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno). Accompanied on the guitar by her talented son, Bojidar Simov, of the Bulgarian State Music Academy, Yoana brings an extraordinary depth of feeling and expertise of musicianship, as she both performs the classics and introduces American audiences to the Sacred Songs designed to enlighten the mind, soothe the spirit, and transport the listener to new levels of sensitivity and consciousness.

Also featured in the tour is Ina Doynova, long-time professional opera singer with the Leipzig Opera House in Germany and now a music educator in Bulgaria. Her grace and expertise bring resonance and clarity to the powerful words of the divinely-inspired tunes. She is also accomplished in keyboard arrangements of these sacred songs.

With titles including "Blagoslavjaj" (Bless), "Bog e Liubov" (God is Love), and "Duhat Bozhi" (Spirit of God), these sacred songs are sung mostly in the Bulgarian language, though some include words that transport us back to ancient times.

For devotees of Eastern European music, this concert is not to be missed. For seekers who long to be moved and inspired to new heights of spiritual consciousness, this concert is not to be missed. For music lovers who enjoy new and broadening listening experiences, this concert promises to bring musical sweetness, depth, and delight that will long be remembered.

All events are free of charge (donations gratefully accepted)

June 6-9 - New York City: Contact Nevenka Dimitrova, tel. (914) 552-2169;

SATURDAY, JUNE 8th 2002 at 8:00 PM :

Concert at Good Shepherd Faith Presbyterian Church 152 West 66th St., Manhattan

Bozhidar Simov, Classical guitar

Ina Doynova , Voice

Program: B. Douno, J.S. Bach, L. Brouwer, A. Barios-Mangore

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SUNDAY, JUNE 9th 2002 :

PanEuRhythmy WORKSHOP 9:30am-10:30 Dance; Class: 10:30-noon and 1-3pm

Central Park, Cherry Hill n/w of Bethesda Terrace’s “Angel of the Healing Waters” Fountain; 72nd St entrance.

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June 10-18 - San Francisco (click for more details)

June 19-26 - St. Louis: contact Phyllis Thorpe, tel. (314) 644-0014 ;

Sunday, June 23, 2002 8:00 p.m.

Concert at St. Francis Xavier (College) Church, Lindell at Grand, St. Louis

Yoana, Bojidar, and Ina will be performing classical, folk, and spiritual music from Bulgaria and elsewhere

June 27-July 15 - Washington area and Virginia: Contact Sananjaleen;

Awakening from Paneurhythmy, Y.Strateva - Violin & B.Simov - Guitar

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