Bulgarian Musicians' Biographies

Yoana Strateva, violin: Ioana graduated from the Music Conservatory in Sofia and specialized in violin with H. Shering and chamber music in France. She is a laureate of several international competitions including J.S.Bach in Leipzig. Yoana is a professor of violin and chamber music at the New Bulgarian University. She has given concerts in England, Greece, France, USA, the Netherlands, Morocco and other countries.

Bozhidar Simov, classical guitar: Bojidar is a student of the Bulgarian State Music Academy. He is a very talented musician and a winner of two national competitions and one international competition in classical music. Bozhidar has performed in Switzerland, USA, Greece and France.

Ina Doynova, voice: Ina graduated from the Music Conservatory in Sofia with specialty in solo singing. In her long career Ina has been a professional opera singer with the Leipzig Opera House in Germany, and a music educator. For the last 12 years she has been devoted only to meditation music of Peter Deunov. She has performed in many countries including Italy, The Netherlands, Russia, England, and Switzerland.

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